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If you ever intend to manage large, corporate, enterprise wide solutions to data storage, then you will surely come across RAID arrays. RAID, which currently stands for redundant array of independent disks, formerly known as redundant array of inexpensive disks, saves data across multiple different hard drives making it quicker and safer for storage of important and sensitive data. The main reason for the use of RAID disks is to improve data integrity and performance. By saving data on multiple drives, you essentially improve the possibility of data recovery and make the process of data storage faster than if saved on one, single hard drive. One of the most inventive points of a RAID system is that, to the operating system, the array of many different drives is seen as only one drive on the system. The unique methods of a RAID system also use a striping technique t... (more)

Windows Unbootable after Killing Disk Check

If a Windows system undergoes unexpected shutdown, an automatic disk check runs that examines the disk for file system errors. Once the process starts, it should not be interrupted in anyway or otherwise can cause unrecoverable errors. Apart from rendering the data inaccessible, it can introduce several corruption errors to critical data structures of the disk. The data thus lost should be restored from available backup. However, you can use more effective products of partition recovery in case no access to valid data backup is feasible. To illustrate it, consider a scenario of ... (more)

How to Solve Disk Corruption Issues due to NYB Virus?

The boot sector code, including of MBR, is executed automatically. Thus, it is the common target for computer viruses. If you notice a disk, which is infected from such viruses, you should not attempt to repair it before removing them. Doing so can completely damage your disk and make your system unable to boot. The safest trick to recover the data is to use a partition recovery utility and to reformat the disk. To illustrate, suppose you try to boot a Windows-based computer system. The boot process might fail with symptoms like: Error “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE” Error “MBR_CHECK... (more)

GPT Shared Disks Issue in Windows Server 2003 Clusters

GPT and MBR are two standard layouts used for partition table on a hard disk. In MBR-based partition table, the system inserts the disk partioning information in MBR itself, but the same information is placed in GPT header in GPT. The GPT-aware operating systems checks the partition type to be of type 0xEE that encompasses the entire GPT drive. But some operating systems' services cannot recognize this ID and show the disk as inaccessible. So, to solve the issue, you might need to convert the GPT disk to basic disk using MBR scheme. This causes the entire data of partitions to de... (more)

Partition Recovery - What Will You Do To Recover Your Deleted Partition?

What is Partition Recovery? Partition Recovery is a significant part of data recovery. If we are using a Window based operating systems then we generally divide the hard disk in to several partitions. The primary partition is used for loading operating system & the other logical partitions are used to store vital data. The benefit of dividing the hard drive into various partitions is that if anything goes wrong with the operating system then it does not affect our data. Why we need Partition Recovery? Suppose you have worked overnight, saved all your work and make sure that all t... (more)